World Champion Offshore Racing Team. Sun Print Racing #51

History of #51

Legend has it that Poseidon woke up one morning next to a kraken, three mermaids and a cyclops after a few too many brewskies. He motioned for his servant and told him to find the fastest boat and least sane man this side of the Atlantic. Chuck Norris wasn't available that day so they had to settle for Steve Miklos. Before Poseidon knew it he had a case of Morning Recovery in front of him and owed Miklos a favor. How long did it take? 51 seconds.


Steve Miklos


The only man known to have sailed across the ocean on a sea turtle's back and live to tell the tale. Steve Miklos has been winning world championships since before Wheaties became the breakfast of champions. Offered the initial role of James Bond in the hit classic, Miklos turned down the role because of a dispute between Bond's drink of choice. We all know it should have been Bombay Sapphire with a splash of Fever-Tree tonic, stirred not shaken obviously.


Steven Fehrmann


A titan of the seas, Steven "Stealthy Squirrel" Ferhman, has ice in his veins. Witnesses once claimed they saw Ferhman fleeing Miami PD in a cigarette boat driving for Scarface. Alright, so that story was fabricated. The witnesses didn't actually see him fleeing Miami PD, The Stealthy Squirrel is too evasive to be seen by the human eye. One only knows he's there when he makes his presence known.


Torey Roberts


Potentially the most modest of the bunch. Legend has it that Torey once put an engine back together with a wrench, some bubble gum and a roll of duct tape. The bubble gum was only for chewing. How did he do it? Nobody knows. What we do know is he hides in the engine bay and works his magic. Sort of like the Wizard of Oz if the Wizard of Oz was an engine building, wrench throwing, motor tuning badass. 


Jason Mcgonnell


Slayer of dragons and liberator of mermaids. Legend has it that Huck taught Vladimir Putin how to wrestle bears while simultaneously disarming North Korea's nuclear launch codes. We put him in a boat once and he won a bunch of championships with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack on repeat in a handheld cassette player.

2015 Super Boat International
— Triple Crown Champion Superboat
2015 Super Boat International
— World Champion Superboat Vee
2003 APBA World Kilo Record Holder
— Super V Lite
2015 Super Boat International: National Champion
— Superboat Vee
2003 APBA World Champion
— Super V Lite
2002 APBA World Champion
— Super V Lite
2015 Super Boat International: Florida Champion
— Superboat Vee
2003 APBA National Champion
— Super V Lite
2002 APBA National Champion
— Super V Lite