Surviving Hurricane Irma

 Photography: Sierra Boudreau

Photography: Sierra Boudreau


Like many Floridians who had to hunker down during the storm, the coming of Hurricane Irma meant meant we were confined to our homes with our hurricane disaster kits, generators, scented candles and flashlights. Everyone in the state was worried what would happen and how bad the resulting outages and flooding may prove to be as the storm obliterated our trees and precious power lines.  Beforehand, the build up to the storm resulted in many a panicked trip to local grocery stores.  This ultimately caused almost every imaginable nonperishable good you can think of to sell out at many locations. If you were either laissez-faire or more devil-may-care with your shopping, making a late trip down the aisle may have had you thinking that it was really the apocalypse or a zombie outbreak on the horizon with how barren some places looked.  

Fortunately for us adrenaline junkies here at Sunprint Racing, we had the good fortune to be stocked up with a serendipitous and helpful little product to avoid the consequences of not keeping our doomsday bunkers stocked up. When the storm came and some of us were left without power for the better part of  a week - including yours truly (Justin Tabb) - it turned out that the last thing we would have pinned as a disaster recovery item was already sitting on our shelves. Something that accompanied us so frequently to our races that we honestly take it for granted sometimes. Want to know our secret? "The healthy green stuff," as Huck calls it.




Ambronite is a drinkable supermeal that gives your body everything it needs. Optimum nutrition, only from real foods.

It turns out that we were completely prepared for the imminent power outages that would result from Hurricane Irma thanks to these helpful pouches of green. Once the stoves and lights were out, water and Ambronite were all we really needed. (Maybe even too much of the former and not enough of the latter!!)

 Photography: Sierra Boudreau

Photography: Sierra Boudreau



Ambronite is sealed in a stylish green pouch and pours directly into water - real simple. Mix it or shake it up and you're good to go: instant drinkable supermeal! So not only were we prepared, we actually had a healthy meal replacement that required little to no effort and which was incredibly easy to store. Luckily, most of us had our power restored at a reasonable pace. As noted above, however, in a twist of fate equally cruel and inspirational, yours truly (Justin Tabb) was left without power for six days. I kid you not, for the six days I went without power my diet consisted of mostly Ambronite. All thanks to how much we love having as much of the "healthy green stuff" as possible whenever we're off on our next event filled day of racing.  Therefore, it seemed only fair that the guy in charge of brand representation for the team provide a little bit of love to the team at Ambronite as the subject of our next sponsored blog post.  We're both very grateful to have made it out of the storm in one piece, and more than a little amused to have found even more reasons to love a product we use so much as it is.  


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