The World's Best Bucket

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Generally very few things impress offshore racers and team owners enough to make them slow down. These are the least sane individuals you'll probably ever meet and they're addicted to speed. Fast boats, exotic vehicles, expensive toys and insane hobbies are commonplace in the community. With that being said, would you believe me if I told you the most impressive thing we've encountered in quite some time is a bucket? Shurhold recently sent us a package that changed how we view buckets forever.


I know what you're thinking.

Oh great, they’re plugging a sponsor.
— Everyone Reading

Hear me out first! I'm gonna tell you right now, we opened the package they sent us and I don't think anyone on the team will ever look at buckets the same way again. Everything from the rope handle down to the base screams quality. Even the grate at the bottom has two portioned measurements for perfect soap to water ratio. The best part? It doubles as a padded seat.  

You really have to see this thing in person to understand the level of sheer craftsmanship that went into this artistic and incredibly useful tool. It's like deciding to fill a Bugatti with soap and water every time you clean your car or boat. Take a peak at the unboxing video below featuring Mr. Berhoff himself. For more details visit Shurhold's website. Want to see us put our Shurhold bucket to the test? Comment below with your ideas and we'll create a video featuring the best challenges.


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Dante is the newest, and arguably best looking, member of the Sun Print Racing team. Special shout out to Todd Finney from Wolfgang Man & Beast for outfitting Dante with his new favorite collar.