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#51 Extreme


Steve Miklos


Steven Fehrmann


Torey Roberts


Ernie Pollock

Team Manager

Jeff Westbrook

Crew Chief

Jason McGonnel

Secondary Driver

team owner

Steve Miklos

Steve first became active in power boat racing in 1991, but spent the first years without any real success. In 1997 he switched to factory class mercury racing and began racing a corsa powerboat. By 1998 he had won both the Florida state and Southeast championships.

In 2000 Steve began working with the General Motors Powertrain division, doing final development testing for generation 7 big block high output ----. Established racing for GM vortex power team until 2002 with a branding campaign centered around the engine In 2002, Steve won the Florida, Southeast, National, and World championships for GM and extreme powerboats and was inducted into the Hall of Champions. In 2003, Steve won every race and set the world speed record in Savannah, and was again inducted into the Hall of Champions.

After finding so much success, in 2003, Steve decided to retire-only to return in 2007. Following his return in 2007, he went on to win the National and World Championships in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Recently, he won the Triple Crown-taking the Southeast, National and World Championships in 2015.